Join Dressrious to Make the Best Dressing App!


I’m thrilled to introduce my personally developed project, Dressrious, currently available on the Apple App Store.

So, we all know the struggle of deciding what to wear every day, right? Most folks, especially guys, aren’t really into spending time figuring out outfits. That’s where Dressrious comes in – it’s this awesome app I’ve built that’s like your digital closet and style advisor. It helps you save time on choosing outfits, so you can concentrate on more important stuff.

我们每天都需要衣着得体的去工作外出,可多数人并不知道服装搭配的技巧,也不愿在这上面花时间,尤其是男性。所以我开发 Dressrious 这款数字衣橱和穿搭推荐应用,帮助用户节省在穿衣上的时间,使他们有更多精力去做更重要的事情。

After spending more than half a year tweaking, updating, promoting, listening to user feedback, and keeping an eye on what’s hot in the market, I’ve realized there’s a golden opportunity here.


The fashion world has been kinda slow in bringing AI to our everyday style decisions. Most AI tech focuses on business side, such as designing and making clothes. Dressrious is changing that game by making personalized outfit advice, shopping tips, and other cool stuff accessible. And let’s face it, we all look for fashion advice on social media, but it’s not always on point. Dressrious is here to fix that.


With new clothing brands, online shops, laundry services, and second-hand markets popping up everywhere, there’s a real need for a one-stop platform – and that’s where Dressrious shines. Now is the perfect time to jump into this game: this market still at the early stages, and there’s a lot of room for new players.


So, what do you say? Let’s team up, ride this wave, and create the future of Dressrious together. Exciting times ahead! For more business details, please send me email:


Warm regards,

屠冠宣 Thomas Tu
Founder, Dressrious