Don’t know what to wear today? Looking for outfit ideas? Find clothes online or in stores but don’t know how to match them with your clothing?

Dressrious is your Digital Closet + Outfit Maker + AI Stylist.

Just add photos of your clothes and shoes, it will automatically show you outfit suggestions based on weather, occasions and colors every day. Save your time in dressing.

Try Now: it’s free, no ads, no login, no data collection

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πŸ‘” Main Features:

  • Automatically categorize your clothes and shoes with our advanced AI technology.
  • Automatically remove the background of your photos.*
  • Easy to use daily outfit suggestions based on weather**, occasions, and colors***. Swipe if you don’t like it and ask Dressrious to show you more suggestions.
  • Create outfit from any clothes in your Closet simply from four styles.
  • Save all of your beloved outfits in Outfit Collections.
Dressrious screenshot closet
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  1. * Background Removal on iOS 16 uses Ezaldeen99’s packages, see more.
  2. ** Weather data is provided by Apple Weather, see more.
  3. *** Part of color-related features use Boris-Em’s ColorKit, see more.

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