Dressrious: Digital Closet Organizer + Outfit Maker + AI Stylist + OOTD Diary & Planner + Lookbook Collector, All In One Fashion App.

Dressrious is your Digital Closet Organizer + Outfit Maker + AI Stylist + OOTD Diary & Planner + Lookbook Creator, All In One AI -Powered Fashion Content Management App.

Elevate your fashion journey with Dressrious: effortlessly organize your wardrobe, craft stunning outfits with AI-driven advice, receive personalized outfit suggestions, gather style inspirations, write fashion lookbooks, and plan your looks for any occasion. Unleash your creativity and curate eye-catching styles with ease.

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Dressrious Organize Closet Wardrobe

⏱️ No More Outfit Stress: Get Outfit Ideas For Busy You, Boost Confident and Productive

Dressrious Get Outfit Suggestions

πŸ‘” Never Miss a Beat: Effortlessly Schedule Events with Outfit Coordination for Life’s Big Moments

Dressrious Schedule Event with Outfit

🧺 A Hub for All Your Style Ideas: one-stop moodboard to collect and organize inspiring styles

Dressrious Organize Inspiring Styles

🎨 Style on Demand: Design Your Dream Outfit in Seconds (with just a few taps!)

Dressrious Create Outfit

πŸ“† Empower Your Journey: Capture Your Moments, Organize Your Life for Success

Dressrious Schedule Event
Use Dressrious To Manage All Of Your Clothes And Get Outfit Inspirations.
A Smart Way To Coordinate Your Outfit With Dressrious
How To Use Dressrious To Plan A Date Night Outfit
Planning Outfit With AI Outfit Advisor

πŸ‘” Key Features

  • AI-Powered Organization: Let our smart tech automatically categorize your clothes and shoes.
  • Seamless Photo Import: Snap pictures of your garments – our AI removes the background* instantly.
  • Style for Every Occasion: Get personalized outfit suggestions based on weather**, occasion, and color*** harmony. (Swipe for more!)
  • Instant Outfit Creation: Build dream outfits from any item in your closet with just a few taps. Plus, get assistance from an AI advisor****.
  • Outfit Collections: Curate and save your favorite outfit combinations for easy access.
  • Lookbook: Save fashion ideas easily – collect photos of clothing, shoes, accessories, receive AI assistance**** for writing, and more directly within the app.
  • Wish List: Keep track of your most-desired clothes, shoes and accessories you wish to have.
  • OOTD Planner & Diary: Capture and plan your daily outfits and upcoming events with ease.
  • Effortless Laundry Scheduling: Create a personalized laundry plan to keep your wardrobe fresh.
Dressrious manage clothes, outfits, events
  1. * Background Removal on iOS 16 uses Ezaldeen99’s packages, see more.
  2. ** Weather data is provided by Apple Weather, see more.
  3. *** Part of color-related features use Boris-Em’s ColorKit, see more.
  4. **** These features are temporarily unavailable to users in the European Economic Area, Switzerland, or the United Kingdom.