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Dressrious 1.75: Unveiling Your Closet

Are you ever confused about what clothes you have in your closet? Do you find yourself wondering what color you own the most of, or what types of clothes are best suited for different occasions? If so, then you’ll be excited to hear about the new Closet Charts feature in Dressrious 1.75!

Closet Charts: See Your Closet in a New Light

Closet Charts provides a visual breakdown of your closet clothing, categorized by seasons, colors, and occasions. This innovative feature helps you gain a deeper understanding of your closet, making it easier to put together outfits and plan your shopping trips.

Seasonal Style Analysis

One chart in Closet Charts focuses on the color distribution of your clothing across different seasons. This chart allows you to see which colors you tend to wear the most in each season. For example, you might see that you have a lot of brown, yellow colors in your summer closet, while your winter clothes lean towards darker, more gray tones.

Knowing When to Wear What

The other chart in Closet Charts focuses on the occasions for which your clothes are best suited. This chart lets you see how many items you have in each category, such as formal wear, casual wear, or sport clothes. With this information at your fingertips, you can easily identify any gaps in your closet and ensure that you have the right clothes for any occasion.

Closet Charts: A User-Friendly Approach to Closet Organization

Dressrious’s Closet Charts is a user-friendly and informative feature that can help you take control of your closet. By providing a visual representation of your clothing, Closet Charts makes it easier to plan outfits, identify trends in your shopping habits, and ensure that your closet is prepared for any season or occasion.

Getting Started with Closet Charts

To start using Closet Charts, simply update your Dressrious app to version 1.75. Once you’ve updated the app, you’ll find the Closet Charts feature within the Closet Tab View.

With Closet Charts, you can finally ditch the guesswork and take control of your closet!

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