Dressrious 1.74: Planning Outfit With An AI Outfit Advisor

We’re thrilled to announce the release of Dressrious 1.74, packed with exciting features to elevate your closet management and outfit creation experience!

Dressrious 1.74: Planning Outfit With An AI Advisor

Introducing Ask Outfit Advisor: Your AI Stylist Awaits!

Feeling lost in your closet? No more! Dressrious 1.74 introduces the revolutionary Ask Outfit Advisor* feature. This AI-powered stylist lives within the app, ready to provide personalized outfit recommendations for any occasion. Simply select your event (work meeting, brunch date, night out), and our intelligent assistant will curate outfit ideas for inspiration.

Effortless Outfit Inspiration with Suggest Outfit

We’ve made outfit creation even smoother with Suggest Outfit*. Dive into the Details View of any item in your Closet, swipe to the Outfits section, tap Suggest Outfit, and Dressrious will intelligently suggest several outfit ideas to complete your look with this item.

Organize Your Closet With Storage Location Filtering

Keeping your closet organized is essential for a stress-free dressing experience. Dressrious 1.74 empowers you to do just that with the new Storage Location filter, just tap My Closet, and you will see how convenient to do it. Easily sort your closet by location (drawers, shelves, hanging racks) to quickly find what you’re looking for, no matter where it’s stashed.

Share Your Outfits With SharePlay

Fashion is more fun with friends! Dressrious supports Apple’s SharePlay, allowing you to share your Dressrious screen with your besties via FaceTime. Get instant feedback on outfits, brainstorm new looks together, and enjoy a whole new level of collaborative style inspiration.

We can’t wait for you to experience the world of fashion possibilities with Dressrious 1.74! Download the update today and take your style to the next level.

* The feature is temporarily unavailable to users in the European Economic Area, Switzerland, or the United Kingdom.

Version 1.73 only fixes bugs and improves performance, so there is no need for a separate announcement.

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