Dressrious is your Digital Closet Organizer + Outfit Maker + AI Stylist + OOTD Diary & Planner + Laundry Helper, All In One Dressing App.

Just snap photos of your clothes and shoes, and our AI will generate daily outfit ideas that consider weather, occasion, dress code, and even color harmony. Save precious time picking out an outfit and focus on what truly matters, whether it’s conquering your day or changing the world.

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It’s free, no ads, no login, no data collection

⏱️ No More Outfit Stress: Get Outfit Ideas For Busy You, Boost Confident and Productive

Dressrious Morning Step

👔 Never Miss a Beat: Effortlessly Schedule Events with Outfit Coordination for Life’s Big Moments

Dressrious Evening Step

🧺 Say No to Laundry Disasters: Create a Smart Laundry Plan for Your Precious Garments

Dressrious Weekly Step

🎨 Style on Demand: Design Your Dream Outfit in Seconds (with just a few taps!)

Dressrious Create Outfit

📆 Empower Your Journey: Capture Your Moments, Organize Your Life for Success

Dressrious Schedule Event
Use Dressrious To Manage All Of Your Clothes And Get Outfit Inspirations.
A Smart Way To Coordinate Your Outfit With Dressrious
How To Use Dressrious To Plan A Date Night Outfit

👔 Key Features

  • AI-Powered Organization: Let our smart tech automatically categorize your clothes and shoes.
  • Seamless Photo Import: Snap pictures of your garments – our AI removes the background* instantly.
  • Style for Every Occasion: Get personalized outfit suggestions based on weather**, occasion, and color*** harmony. (Swipe for more!)
  • Instant Outfit Creation: Build dream outfits from any item in your closet with just a few taps.
  • Outfit Collections: Curate and save your favorite outfit combinations for easy access.
  • OOTD Planner & Diary: Capture and plan your daily outfits and upcoming events with ease.
  • Effortless Laundry Scheduling: Create a personalized laundry plan to keep your wardrobe fresh.
  1. * Background Removal on iOS 16 uses Ezaldeen99’s packages, see more.
  2. ** Weather data is provided by Apple Weather, see more.
  3. *** Part of color-related features use Boris-Em’s ColorKit, see more.

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